How We Work

We deliver the finest things in life which are made by hand with a whole lot of love and experience. So step into Vacation Pants to see what we've been crafting for you from the ancestral techniques and experiences.


The history of Indian perfumes is less about the manufacturing processes or the quality of ingredients and more about the way people embraced them via inspiring from others. But still the majority of people don’t even know there are others – more aged and superior perfumes In India which has been handcrafted by ancestral techniques and expertise of indian methodology; although, when people start exploring and start putting new perfumes to test, then they came to know there are more fragrances which are hard pressed to be able to tell the difference between rest of them.

Our Story

We are recently stepping a head and expanding our fragrance era by launching a “Driver Project” of personal care and home fragrance products.

Our Story

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Our Story

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Our Approach

Our mission is to give full artistic approach, our master perfumers are at liberty to craft WINGS PERFUME with depth of imagination and passion which metamorphosis unique perfume and touches everyone’s innermost desires.

Behind the scene

We work to inspires fragrance lovers to go beyond the ordinary and sample scents that evoke passion, confidence, and excitement. Our mission is to revolutionize the way to discover fragrance.
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